Revolutionary Technologies for Contaminated Site Remediation

Ameret offers a range of specialty soil and water remediation products. Each Trivol® Remediation product has been specifically designed for environmental applications with an emphasis on performance, cost effectiveness, ease of use and environmental safety.

The Benefits of Ameret’s Trivol® Bioremediation Products

The On-Site Solution

A significant advantage of using Trivol® Bioremediation products is conducting the remediation on-site. The need to transport hydrocarbon contaminated soil or water off-site as hazardous waste is non-existent. Permits and/or licenses necessary to transport contaminants is eliminated saving you time and money.

Eliminate Liability

As long as contamination exists, the property owner is legally and financially responsible from cradle to grave – whether or not the contamination has been moved off-site. Trivol® Bioremediation products digests the hydrocarbon contamination in soil or water and produces harmless by-products such as carbon dioxide, water, fatty acids and biomass. Once the contamination problem is resolved, liability is removed.

More Than a Decade of Expertise

For more than a decade, Trivol® Bioremediation technology has proven to be a non-disruptive, cost-effective and highly efficient method of safely breaking down many chemicals. Our process results in a faster and more complete degradation of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination in surface soils, subsurface soils, groundwater, surface water and virtually any other area.

Effective Approach Using Trivol® Bioremediation products

Trivol® Bioremediation products provide an efficient, environmentally safe, on-site treatment solution to many hazardous waste cleanups. We restore most contaminated sites in less time and at a far lower cost than other remediation techniques.

How Does it Work?

When applied to oil spills, fuel spills, oily water and other petroleum hydrocarbon contamination, the best-suited Trivol® Bioremediation product treatment effectively digests hydrocarbon waste while producing non-hazardous by-products. To date, our products and technology have been used to clean up crude oil, gasoline, diesel and other petrochemicals.

Depending on the project type, conditions, initial contaminant concentration and clean-up target, a Trivol® Bioremediation product is added to the soil or water using in situ or ex situ techniques. Trivol® Bioremediation products provides the framework for the microbes to directly metabolize contaminants and create enzymes for efficient conversion of contaminants to water, carbon dioxide and other non-hazardous substances such as fatty acids.

Enhanced Aerobic Biodegradation

Trivol® 101 Containment

Trivol® 101 Containment is polymer based hydrophobic material that will repel water and attract any liquid petroleum based material. Whether it is rain, fresh, or salt water, Trivol® 101 Containment will not sink and allow water to flow freely. Trivol® Containment oleopophilic nature and increased surface area allows it to clean down to one part per PPM of any hydrocarbon spill on water. Trivol® 101 Containment can be broadcast manually or mechanically onto oil spills on water and then skimmed to dry ground.

Remediation: To remediate the spill, remove Trivol® 101 Containment/hydrocarbon mixture from the water onto land. Mix and spread Trivol® 102 Regeneration with the mixture to begin biodegrading.

Trivol® 101 Containment is packaged 40 each 20 lb. (9.0718474 kg) bags per pallet.
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Trivol® 102 Regeneration

Trivol 102

Trivol® 102 Regeneration is a natural based absorbent that will soak up all hydrocarbon spills on land. We have super charged our product with millions of microbes that speed up the biodegradation process.

Another special additive helps to naturally fertilize the soil to stimulate plant growth and further remediate the affected area. Trivol® 102 Regeneration can be added to Trivol® 101 Containment after it has been skimmed from the water to dry ground.


Trivol® 102 Regeneration is packaged 40 each 20 lb. (9.0718474 kg) bags per pallet.
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Trivol® 5100 Fast Remediation on ALL Surfaces

Trivol 5100 Box
Trivol® 5100 biodegradable surfactants effectively remove surface and embedded stains from spilled petroleum prducts on concrete and asphalt, garage or shop floors, driveways, loading docks, fueling areas, parking lots and oil storage areas, and then inoculates the contaminants with eight strains of Bacillus bacterial cells, along with nutrients, micro-nutrients and germination catalysts, necessary for complete biodegradation. This formula can also be used for power washing contaminated soil, gravel, sand or rocks and for cleaning heavy machinery.

Trivol® 5100

  • Inoculates contaminated material with petroleum and secondary metabolite-degrading bacteria.
  • Equally successful for crude petroleum, lubricating oil, gasoline and diesel spills.
  • Enhances biodegradation above and below ground surface, when used as recommended.
  • Eliminates removal and replacement of contaminated materials.

Trivol® 5100 is packaged in 5 each one gallon (20 liters) pails per carton and there are 27 cartons per pallet.
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Hydrocarbon Dissolve Bioremediation Kit Bacterial Cultures


Trivol® Hydrocarbon Dissolve (THD) uses a unique combination of bio enhancement compounds and mature strains of selected; naturally occurring microorganisms to bio remediate petrochemical wastes.

Trivol® Hydrocarbon Dissolve (THD) uses the following two technologies:

1. Bio enhancement – The special Bioremediation Enhancer formulation maximizes the ability of the microbes to reproduce and thrive in the contaminated soil or water situation.
2. Bio augmentation – Hydrocarbon Digesting Microbes consist of various microbial strains and biochemical nutrients for refinery and petrochemical wastes.

THD is environmentally safe, non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-pathogenic.
Ameret has achieved a high degree of success with our bioremediation technology. Since 1997, bioremediation has now matured to an important economical method of remediating soils and groundwater. Ameret’s technology provides consistent results that were lacking in the past.

TRIVOL® HYDROCARBON DISSOLVE Bioremediation Kit, liquid and dry cultures, are culture concentrates that breakdown hard to degrade hydrocarbon compounds as well as other organic chemical constituents that impact our environment.

Ameret’s Hydrocarbon Dissolve Series Bacterial Cultures were designed specifically for Bio-Remediation in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Trivol® Hydrocarbon Dissolve / Part 1 cultures break down and metabolize difficult-to-degrade and toxic compounds – such as: hydrocarbons, phenolis: non-ionic, anionic surfactants; chlorinated hydrocarbons; starches, fats, oils and greases – at accelerated rates, all the way to CO2, H2O and cell mass.

Trivol® Hydrocarbon Dissolve / Part 2 will accelerate the solubilization and biological digestion of organic solids on land or water. As a result of the increased oxygen deman, the Oxygen Uptake Rate (OUR) in the remediated area will increase in the process, along with your aquatic life’s need for oxygen.

Trivol® Hydrocarbon Dissolve / Part 3 can be described as a chemical composition that releases a continued slow release of essential oxygen over a period of 15 to 30 days. The O2 altering technology is designed to enhance aerobic biological oxidation reduction processes in soil bio-remediation programs.

The formulation also provides pH buffering capabilities for use in acidic soil to increase alkalinity and pH.

The maximum pH that could be obtained even in over use of the product is a pH of 8.4

Trivol® Hydrocarbon Dissolve Bioremediation Kits include:

  • Four each – 3.785 liters (1 gal.) of Trivol® Hydrocarbon Dissolve Part 1
  • One each – 3.785 liter (1 gal.) of Trivol® Hydrocarbon Dissolve Part 2
  • One each – 1.8143 Kilograms (4 lbs.) dry powder Trivol® Hydrocarbon Dissolve Part 3

Approximate Coverage: 929.0304 M2 (10,000 sq. ft.) with 1-3 millimeters thick hydrocarbon (oil).

Trivol® Hydrocarbon Dissolve Kits are packaged 27 kits per pallet.

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