Revolutionary Technologies for Contaminated Site Remediation

Ameret offers a range of specialty soil and water remediation products, each Trivol ® Remediation product been specifically designed for environmental applications with an emphasis on performance, cost-effectiveness, ease of use and environmental safety.

The use of our Trivol® Remediation Products offer the following benefits:

  • Food grade, environmentally safe and easy to handle materials
  • Lower costs and a significantly smaller carbon footprint than operations and maintenance intensive engineered mechanical systems.
  • In situ or in-place treatment eliminates any requirements for permanent on-site equipment, piping, tanks, etc.
  • Enhanced biodegradation rates typically 10 to 100 times faster than intrinsically slow, naturally occurring rates.
  • Greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness than high volume, rapidly consumed or wasted commodity products.
  • Often lower cost than long-term, monitored natural attenuation (MNA) or “do nothing” type approaches.
  • Personal and highly experienced personnel to answer any questions and/or assist you with your applications.

Trivol® Hydrocarbon Dissolve/Part 3 Series Bacterial Cultures

Ameret is pleased to announce that we have a solution to enhance the biological degradation of slow and difficult-to-degrade organic checmical constituents that impact our environment.

Enhanced Aerobic Biodegradation

Trivol® 101 Containment is polymer based hydrophobic material that will repel water and attract any liquid petroleum based material. Whether it is rain, fresh, or salt water, Trivol® 101 Containment will not sink and allow water to flow freely. Trivol® 101 Containment oleopophilic nature and increased surface area allows it to clean down to one part per millionth of any hydrocarbon spill on water. Trivol® 101 Containment can be broadcast manually or mechanically onto oil spills on water and then skimmed to dry ground.
Remediation: To remediate the spill, remove Trivol® 101 Containment/hydrocarbon mixture from the water onto land. Mix and spread Trivol® 102 Regeneration with the mixture to begin biodegrading. Always check with your state and federal regulations at the spill location.

Trivol 102
Trivol® 102 Regeneration is a natural based absorbent that will soak up all hydrocarbon spills o land. We have super charged our product with millions of microbes that speed up the biodegradation process. Another special additive helps to naturally fertilize the soil to stimulate plant growth and further remediate the affected area. Trivol® 102 Regeneration can be added to Trivol® 101 Containment after it has been skimmed from the water to dry ground.


Trivol® 5100 effectively removes surface and embedded stains from spilled petroleum products on concrete and asphalt garage floors, driveways, shop floors and parking lots then inoculates the contaminants with bacterial cells, nutrients and oxygen catalysts necessary for complete biodegradation. This formula can also be used for soil washing of gravel and loose rocks, for cleaning heavy machinery.

Trivol® 5100 offers an effective and safe synergy of the surface cleaning power of our Trivol® 102 biodegradable surfactants, powerful petroleum degrading bacterial endo-spores and additional Bacillus strains to digest secondary metabolites, including long-chain fatty acids.

Trivol® Hydrocarbon Dissolve/Part 2 Series Bacterial Cultures – Designed specifically for Bio-Remediation in the Oil and Gas Industry

This product is a solution to enhance the biological degradation of slow and difficult-to-degrade organic chemical constituents that impact our environment. Trivol® Microbe-Lift®/IND Series contains highly-specialized micro-organisms that are selected and designed specifically to speed the biological degradation of problem compounds in environment. Trivol® Hydrocarbon Dissolve/Part 2 Series liquid and dry cultures are culture concentrates breakdown hard to degrade hydrocarbon compounds we well as other organic chemical constituents that impact our environment.

Trivol® Hydrocarbon Dissolve/ Part 2

is formulated specifically for the removal of organic bottom solids that are slow to degrade. Trivol® Hydrocarbon Dissolve/Part 2 speeds up the removal of sludge and muck naturally. Trivol® Hydrocarbon Dissolve/Part 2 is especially helpful for ponds that have rock or gravel bottom and where vacuuming is impractical.

Years in development Trivol® Hydrocarbon Dissolve/Part 2 speeds the biological removal of slow-to-degrade organic waste matter from aquatic pond bottoms that may become toxic to fish and plant life. As organic solids accumulate on the pond bottom they begin to break down releasing toxic gasses to the surrounding environment. These gaseous by-products endanger fish, marine life and plants. Trivol® Hydrocarbon Dissolve/Part 2 removes bottom organic sludge and muck-reducing or eliminating the potential harmful gaseous compounds – and helps clarify your pond water at the same time.

Hydrocarbon Dissolve Bioremediation Kit — Bacterial Cultures

RemediationKitAmeret, LLC is happy to provide the latest in Bio-Technology. With over two and a half decades of research, we have developed a series of bacterial cultures to enhance the biological breakdown process of hydrocarbons for the Oil and Gas Industry. HYDROCARB ON DISSOLVE Bioremediation Kit liquid and dry cultures are culture concentrates breakdown hard to degrade hydrocarbon compounds as well as other organic chemical constituents that impact our environment. For more information see HYDROCARBON DISSOLVE Bioremediation kit.

Trivol® Ocean De-Fence System could have minimized the soil spread and damage in the Gulf which ended up being more than two sizes the state of New York.
Trivol® De-Fence is designed to be as flexible as a cork on the ocean. The Trivol® De-Fence system will withstand high winds and flexes 90 degrees and will not break (60,000 PSI Tensile strength). By using two skimmers pulling the Trivol® De-Fence system in a “J”, “U”, or “V” formation the oil will be contained, this will prevent the surface oil from spreading. The vacuum suction units of boats would then pick up the oil within the framework of the Trivol® De-Fence system. Please take a careful look at this system as a preventive mechanism.

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